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Take control of your overwhelming messages on WhatsApp. helps you organise your messages, follow-up in time and quickly retrieve additional contact information.

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Too many chat windows?

We get it. You are struggling to keep up with the messages and they kept piling up. This is why we built Struktur.

Be in control of your life.

Be in control of your life helps you keep track of your chats, and its top priority is to make sure you don't miss out any potential leads for your sales.

Keeping your sales team on the same page

Keeping your sales team on the same page

Upheld your reputation by maintaining a consistent quality of customer service across your sales team.

What do people say about

Work in a team effortlessly

" helped my team to secure more sales than ever."

Anytime, anywhere

"I can reply to my customers and continue with my other tasks in mere minutes!"

Get organized workspace

"Having a neat looking WhatsApp chats is a bless!"

3 simple steps get back your life

Be ahead of your competitors.


Download the extension

The extension is easy to download and it is ready to use.

Start managing and organising your customer base.

Start managing and organising your customer base

Give names to your categories and prioritise key customers.

Expand your team.

Expand your team

Capture the attention of thousands with a carefully curated message.

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